At VRweb.Design we follow the short-term rental market closely. Unfortunately, an increasing trend we are seeing is hosts reaching out on social media reporting they have been suspended from Airbnb but have no idea why and more importantly no ability to reinstate their listing. This is not only happening to new hosts but Superhosts that have 100s of reviews and have used the platform for years.

It is impossible to plan for the future of your business if you are overly dependent on any one channel. Don’t think this could happen to you? All it takes is a disgruntled neighbor making complaints, reports of a party (whether one occurred or not), or a potential guest claiming discrimination to name a few. These are items you can easily be blindsided by and have almost no control over.

Airbnb’s Trust & Safety department is notoriously difficult to deal with and when hosts have been able to reinstate their account at all it has often taken months to make it happen. In the meantime, all of their reservations were canceled and they have no ability to take new reservations through Airbnb.

The time to take action is before this happens to you as a host. If you want our help in doing so please reach out here to learn how VRweb.Design can help.

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