Short answer, you should list on them – just don’t depend on them. We are proponents of adding your rental to multiple platforms so long as their terms & conditions are acceptable to you. Is Houfy still free? Is Zeevou making it easy to add your listing? Is there a local or regional listing site encouraging you to list with them? Which platform is “hot” today? Use them all, especially those that are free. 

In the past keeping track of multiple calendars and pricing among different platforms was difficult and time-consuming. This is no longer the case so long as you have a master calendar and website that you synchronize everything through. Technology has changed the game. 

That master calendar and site should be your own website. It should be under your control, enhance your brand, and be linked directly to your financial accounts. Anything less and you are not only dependent on others for the continuation of your rental business but you are spending your time and money enhancing someone else’s brand over your own.

Being dependent on one platform is a recipe for disaster. Being listed on numerous platforms insulates you from any one of them changing their T&Cs, going bankrupt, being bought out, cutting off your access, or any other change that negatively impacts your business.

At the end of the day, you want your efforts to build your business rather than someone else’s. To do that you need your own identity. In today’s world that identity starts with your own website.

Not sure where to start or have questions? Answer a few questions here and we can help.